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 Battery Park City
Whenever we go to New York, the Battery Park City/World Trade Center area is on our list of places to spend a couple of hours. The Lower Manhattan skyline is  spectacular, there's a fine view of the Hudson and the harbor and there's the Esplanade where New York, and more, walks by. The Winter Garden provides a variety of places to eat and sometimes, protection from the weather.[01]
The Brooklyn Bridge and the World Trade Center towers from a Circle Line Cruise boat headed north on the East River.[02]
A sunset view of lower Manhattan from the Empire State Building at 34th Street. The famous Flatiron Building on 23rd Street is in the center foreground.[03]
The Towers and the World Financial Center buildings from a Circle Line boat on the
Hudson River. [04]
A view of the Battery and lower Manhattan from the deck of the Staten Island ferry. This
 free trip is the biggest bargain in New York![05]
A closer view from the ferry. [06]
[What's the name of that curved building on State Street?]
A little farther upstream from the deck of the Circle Line Cruise ship.[07]
In this closer view the Winter Garden shows better.  It appears to be all glass and very small. [08]
Another picture of the Brooklyn Bridge. [09]
The Plaza of the World Trade Center-- 
[9A] [Jan 1992]
Looking upward from the Plaza.  110 stories each. [10]
[July 2001]
The lobby of WTC 2
[10A]  [Jan 1992]
This is the enclosed Observation Deck on the 107th floor of WTC #2 [11]
[July 2001]
Looking along the Hudson through a north window  . 
The neighborhoods are Tribeca and the West Village. 
(Tribeca=TRiangle BElow CAnal Street.  The West Village is west of Greenwich Village.) [12]
Looking northeast from the Rooftop Promenade on the 107th floor of WTC #2.   Just beyond the East River are Queens (left) and Brooklyn (right).  The hills on the horizon are in the Bronx.  The Manhattan Bridge is beyond Barb's left arm. [13]
Looking down and slightly southeast. You can see the red cube that's also in picture 9A.  It's in front of the Marine Midland Bank Building on the east side of Broadway.
This looks a little farther south, showing Trinity Church and the entrance to Wall Street across Broadway from the church.
The large dark building is One Liberty Plaza.  Twin buildings, right foreground: U.S. Realty Building and the Trinity Building.  Twins east of Broadway: the Equitable Building.  It had 1.2 million sq. ft. with a footprint of less than an acre!
[July 2001]
The Hudson River and New Jersey. The dome at the bottom is the top of WFC #2 [15]
The west portal of the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel is in the center. [16]
Upper Bay with a Staten Island Ferry passing Governor's I.  In the distance is The Narrows.  The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge connects Staten Island with Brooklyn. [17]
The Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. The large white building is the Bell Atlantic Telephone Building. The cross-shaped buildings are the Gov.Alfred E. Smith Houses, public housing at the edge of New York's Chinatown. [18]
Looking uptown: The Telephone Company building in the foreground, the Empire State Building on 34th Street and the Met Life Building on xx Street,  Roosevelt Island in the east River is on the right. [19]
The glass cylinders are the Winter Garden. Then: Two WFC and a little of One WFC. Each of them has a small domed extension. North Cove Yacht Harbor is on the River.  The tall narrow buildings are apartment houses. [20]
Inside the Winter Garden.  Access is by the large, enclosed North Bridge over West Street. The cages are temporary; there was some sort of sports demonstration going on. [21]
More Winter Garden. The palms are fakes. [22]
The doorway at the top of the stairs is the west end of Bridge No.1.  In the foreground is an early version of Merode Venita Ward-Lichterman
[22A]  [April 1992]
The North Cove Yacht Harbor. [23]
The sidewalk cafe and restaurant lies between Two World Financial Center (Merrill Lynch) and the yacht basin. [24]
Youngsters were being taught to sail. 
These volleyball players are probably students from the elite Stuyvesant High School, a few blocks north of the Trade and Financial Centers.  The court is next to the boat basin. 
This is The Esplanade. It runs along the shore of the Hudson for a quarter mile. It's used by sitters, joggers, roller skaters, pram-pushers, dog walkers and cyclists-- high-speed and otherwise. 
The locals use it to get a little sunshine on the baby's toes... 
...or give their kids bicycle lessons.